Why Does Ohio Have Such A Large Addiction Problem?

Ohio has a big addiction challenge, and it is not just with drugs. Ohio ranks in the top ten states for alcohol consumption per capita, and they rank number one when it comes to drug abuse. So what is going on? There are many factors that contribute to this epidemic, including economic struggles, lack of treatment options, and more. In this blog post, we will explore these issues and see how we can help solve the crisis in Ohio!

• Economic struggles
Economic struggles are at the top of the reasons why Ohio has such a large addiction problem. One reason for this is that many people in Ohio have to work multiple jobs to afford things like their cell phone bill, rent payment, or even gas money so that they can get back and forth to their job. These are the people that work in factories and on assembly lines to manufacture goods for companies like Ford Motors and General Electric.

Jobs in this field have been slowly dwindling over the years, with many being outsourced overseas or going digital. This has created an issue where many struggle financially because they can no longer support themselves or their families. This results in stress, self-low esteem, and more anxiety that could lead to drug and alcohol misuse, resulting in addiction. This problem can only be solved by getting more jobs in Ohio and focusing on the blue-collar sector.

• Lack of treatment options
Another reason Ohio has such a large addiction problem is that there are not enough drug rehab facilities. According to Rehabs, only 33% of people with substance abuse problems receive treatment for their issues. This means that 67% do not get any help whatsoever! Why does this happen? Because it costs money, and many insurance companies will no longer cover treatment costs once you have reached your deductible limit.

If Ohio can focus on getting more government funding towards rehabilitation centers, then they could solve part of the crisis by making treatment accessible for everyone who needs it regardless of how much money they make or whether or not they have health insurance coverage.

• Availability of drugs
Another reason why Ohio has such a huge addiction problem is because there are so many drug dealers in the state. Drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, and prescription pills can all be found relatively easily throughout the entire state. This makes it extremely easy for people to get hooked on these dangerous substances, leading them down an even worse road when they need stronger doses or more frequent hits to feel normal again.

It is saddening that these drugs are so easily accessible to the community because it makes them feel like there is nothing they can do about their addiction. This issue has no simple solution, but one thing that could be done is to have more people educated on the dangers of these substances, which would make them think twice before trying them out for themselves or allowing their children to use them at a party or something similar.

The second way of solving this issue is if law enforcement continues doing what they do best by shutting down local drug trafficking operations that may pop up in their communities. However, until then, we need to focus on getting better rehab facilities into our community as well!

• Lack of community support
The final factor attributing to Ohio’s large addiction challenge is the lack of community support that people receive when they decide or are forced to get sober. Unfortunately, many do not have family and friends around them who will be there for them when they need someone most because this person may feel like their world has been turned upside down by making these changes in their life.

The reason why so many relapses back into active addictions is due to the fact that no one was truly there for them while going through rehab, which can cause resentment issues towards loved ones and even themselves. This issue cannot be fixed overnight, but we as a society must work together to fix it! Only then can we begin seeing an improvement on how the addiction crisis is being handled in Ohio. We can solve this by establishing more rehab facilities as well as offering moral support to the addicts.

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