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You Never Have To Feel This Way Ever Again

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Cleveland

The turmoil you feel as someone who is dealing with addiction must feel overwhelming at times. Unfortunately, you are not alone in the trials and tribulations you have to face every day. Lots of people all over the country are dealing with the very same kinds of issues.

Here is what we know for sure. When you are done being caught up in the cycle of addiction, you do have somewhere to go for help. As one of Cleveland, Ohio’s top rehab centers, our door is always open to addiction sufferers like you. With that said, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you walk through our doors.

As far as expectations, it might benefit you to have an understanding of the addiction treatment process. To that end, we want to take you through the process as a means of easing your anxiety over getting treatment.

The Addiction Treatment Process

Whether your substance of choice is drugs or alcohol, you will find that the treatment process is much the same. However, the process differs at the client level because we prefer to customize our treatment plans to meet each client’s individual needs.

Moving forward, we want to break the treatment process into four steps with the steps being:
• Intake
• Detox Program
• Therapy
• Aftercare


When you enter rehab, you start the treatment process in an interview with rehab staff members. The purpose of the interview is to secure information about the circumstances surrounding your drug/alcohol abuse. The rehab’s staff members will use this information to create a treatment program that will meet all of your specific objectives, including establishing sobriety.

Detox Program

When long time drinkers and drug users suddenly stop using their substance of choice, they usually have to face the consequences of their abuse. The consequences usually come in the form of withdrawal symptoms.

While withdrawal symptoms may vary based on substance, there are some symptoms that a kind of universal. They include:
• Nausea and vomiting
• Heart, blood pressure, and breathing problems
• Cramping, tremors, and convulsions
• Anxiety and depression
• Certain forms of psychosis

Since some of these symptoms can cause significant health problems, going through a medical detox program is something we highly recommend. Under the care of medical professionals, you would be monitored around the clock. If you were to show signs of discomfort and distress, a doctor would be standing by to offer you relief medication.


After detox, your mind and body should be clear enough to stand up to the rigors of therapy. While working closely with a therapist, you would invest a lot of time looking for answers. The answers you should be seeking relate to the root causes of your addiction issues. To be clear, you would have to be open and honest to get to the truth. Once you know the truth about your addiction, you can begin searching for solutions.

The best solution almost always involves you developing better coping skills. These are very specific skills you would employ every time temptation or your personal triggers besiege you. If you employ them properly, there would be an excellent chance you could protect your recovery from relapses.


By the time you finish treatment, your recovery would be underway. However, your work would be far from done. You would still need to reenter the real world and learn to live without relying on drugs or alcohol.

Since that’s not always an easy thing to do, you might want to take advantage of some aftercare options. Some of the available options would include:
• Additional and ongoing outpatient counseling
• Participation in 12 Step programs like AA and NA
• Spending time in a sober living home
• Staying connected with other rehab alumni

If you are ready to fight back against your addiction, we are ready to fight back with you. To start the treatment process, you need to call us. With that first call, we will tell you about the facility and all of our treatment services.