Drug Testing

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Drug Testing Services to Determine Substance Abuse in Your Family

Drug testing is one of those actions that most families never think about taking until someone begins to show signs of a clear struggle. Whether you are worried about your teenager, spouse or aging parent, you need to know that you have a way to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt if they are being truthful about being sober.

Some families use drug tests at the beginning of a person’s journey with recovery. This is common when a parent suspects that their kid is using drugs but is unable to get the truth during a normal conversation. Other families use drug tests as a way to help someone maintain accountability as they continue to work on their recovery at home. In either case, drug testing services are available to help you determine if there is substance abuse in your family that needs to be addressed immediately.


Know the Signs of Substance Abuse

By the time that you are exploring drug testing services, you might already suspect that your loved one is abusing specific substances. If you are still unsure, then seeing any of these signs is a good way to know that you are making the best decision by arranging for your loved one to take a drug test.

  • learning about a recent arrest or being in trouble at school or work for drug use
  • finding paraphernalia such as pipes at home or in their car
  • noticing behavioral changes associated with substance abuse such as slurring words
  • having a general feeling that something isn’t right with your family member


Identify Your Family Member’s Specific Needs

Drug testing is designed to reveal exactly which types of substances a person is using. Many drugs can generate similar symptoms, and a test may be the only way to determine which type of treatment your family member needs if they aren’t ready to be honest. This is common with teenagers who may still be hiding their substance abuse. With the right type of test, you can reveal if your loved one is using any of the following drugs.

  • Cocaine
  • Opioids such as heroin and oxycodone
  • Steroids
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines
  • PCP

The sensitivity of a drug test depends upon how the sample is collected. Urine tests tend to reveal only the drugs that a person has consumed within the past one to three days.This is because many substances are processed by the body quickly. Marijuana is one of the few drugs that can still be detected in a person’s system for much longer. If your loved one tests positive with a urine test, then you can typically assume that they have been using drugs quite recently.

These tests also work best when you use the element of surprise. Family members who are known to hide their substance abuse might try to taint the results by ingesting certain foods or chemicals. If they are not properly observed during the sample collection and have time to prepare, then they may also attempt to use someone else’s clean urine. These issues are easily handled by following the proper procedure for collecting the sample.

Hair testing is another option that can reveal the drugs that a person has taken in a longer period of time. Usually, the test results can tell you which drugs someone used within the past 90 days. These tests are harder for someone to alter, but your family member will need to have enough hair available to use for the test.

The right drug testing services for your family should be accurate and discreet. Substance abuse can be a sensitive topic for families, and having clear results gives you the opportunity to get your loved one the help that they need to start their recovery.