Columbus Drug Rehab

You Never Have To Feel This Way Ever Again

Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Columbus

If you find yourself suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there is a very good chance your life is in turmoil. The good news is you don’t have to stay in the cycle of addiction. You always have the option to admit you are powerless over your drug of choice, which should open your mind to the possibility of getting the help you need.

To be clear, time spent in a reputable drug rehab like ours is the only real option you have. Through time, no other option has proven to be consistently effective at stopping addiction issues.

In the Columbus, Ohio area, we are one of the top treatment facilities available. We offer a wide range of treatment services that we have designed to help addiction sufferers like you. In the following sections, we want to tell you about the general treatment process. We hope this information will put your mind at ease and motivate you to get help.

The Intake Process

Upon arriving at rehab, you would go through an interview with our administrative staff. They will be looking for very specific information related to the circumstances regarding your addiction. Based on what you would be able to share with them, they would proceed to map out a custom treatment plan to address your unique situation.

Detox Program

For most clients, treatment starts with a detox program. Why? After months or even years of abusing dangerous substances like meth, cocaine, heroin, or alcohol, there is a good chance a client will need time to detox.

The value of a good detox program lies in the safe and secure environment it gives clients in which they can go through withdrawal. For a lot of clients, their withdrawal symptoms hold the potential of causing harm. As a point of reference, look at this list of withdrawal symptoms a heroin abuser might face:
• Rapid and dangerous increase in heart rate and blood pressure
• Breathing problems
• Auditory and visual hallucinations, nightmares
• Severe muscle cramping in the stomach area
• Body tremors and convulsions
• Stirring up of psychosis
• Nausea and vomiting
• Loss of motor control

As part of a good medical detox program, you would detox under the care of medical staffers. Should problems arise, there should be a doctor there to prescribe relief medications for you.


After spending a week or more going through withdrawal, you might find a sense of relief getting to work with a therapist. However, you will soon discover that therapy is the most challenging part of treatment.

While working with your therapist, your focus should be on one thing. You should be searching for the root causes related to your need to harm yourself with drugs or alcohol. Remember, people don’t become addicted to substances because they want to. They become addicted because they want to hide from some kind of pain.

What are you hiding from? That’s the question you would be looking to answer in therapy. Keep in mind that open and honest communication with your therapist is the only path to the truth. Once you would know why you abuse a substance, you could start working on solutions. That would probably include working on developing better coping and life skills. These are the skills you could use as a defense against future relapses.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

It’s important to note that you might have to decide on how the rehab facility is going to deliver your treatment.

Assuming your addiction is significant, you would probably do better in an inpatient treatment program. You would be in the facility 24/7 with your treatment time split between individual, group, and family therapy. Your downtime would be spent enjoying the facility’s amenities.

If inpatient treatment would not work for you, you would have to go the outpatient route. While living at home, you would have to show up for scheduled therapy sessions as set forth by your therapist.

The most important thing you need to know is treatment is available when you are ready. If you contact us, we will tell you about our addiction treatment services and facility.