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Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Toledo

As you struggle with your addiction, there will come a time when you realize you are at a crossroads. You can continue living in the cycle of addiction until you hit rock bottom, or you can choose to deal with the problem head-on.

Should you make the latter choice, the path to recovery is very clear. You would need to get yourself into a quality rehab facility like ours. Don’t waste your time thinking any of those self-help solutions you hear about are going to work. They don’t work because they only preach how to stop using. They do next to nothing in regard to addressing the underlying reasons for a person’s addiction.

In rehab, the process of healing includes dealing with the people, places, and things that help set the stage for drug or alcohol abuse. To help you better understand what to expect from rehab, you can read the following.

Step 1: The Intake Process

Each person who enters rehab does so with a unique story. For that reason, the rehab’s administrative staff has to do an intake interview with each client. The interview allows staff members to learn information about the client’s addiction and living circumstances. In your case, the staff will use the information you give them as the basis for creating a custom treatment plan.

Step 2: Detox Program

When you finally decide to stop using your substance of choice, there is a good chance your body is going to revolt. The revolt will take the form of what could be some very significant withdrawal symptoms.

To be clear, the extent and kinds of withdrawal symptoms you might face will depend upon factors like the length of your substance abuse, the actual substance you are abusing, the frequency of your substance abuse, and the amount you take per dose.

Generally, you can expect to encounter withdrawal symptoms like:
• Change in breathing pattern
• Increase in heart rate and blood pressure
• Body cramping and convulsions
• Nausea and vomiting
• Psychosis

The best protection you can get against problems with your withdrawal symptoms is participation in a medical detox program. Under the care of medical staffers, you would be permitted to detox as naturally as possible. If you were to show signs of pain or distress, one of the staffers would be able to intervene with prescription medication if necessary.


Whether you realize it or not, there are reasons why you have been hurting yourself through drug/alcohol abuse. The reasons might not be clear to you, but you need the truth. You need to know exactly why you are hiding behind harmful substances.

The work you would do with a therapist would require you to be committed to the process. That includes being open and honest at every turn. The reward for your commitment and hard work would be the truth and a target for solutions.

The way you receive treatment would depend on your circumstances. Most likely, you would want to go through an inpatient program. While residing in the facility 24/7, you would have the support you need to keep you safe.

During the time you devote to actual therapy, you would work with a therapist as an individual or in groups. You might even get a chance to invite the family in for family therapy. When not working on recovery, you could spend your time interacting with other clients or enjoying the facility’s amenities.

If for any reason you won’t or can’t go through residential treatment, you could choose an outpatient option. While living at home and still handling your personal responsibilities, you would have to report for therapy when scheduled. The amount of hours you would have to spend in treatment would depend on the extent of your addiction and any progress you make.

We hope the above information eases your mind and motivates you to seek help. If that’s the case, you can get yourself started on the road to recovery by calling and speaking to one of our staff members. Bottom line: there is no time like now to arrest your addiction.