How Long Is a Drug Rehab for Veterans?

After spending time in the military, you are likely already quite familiar with what it means to spend time in a group living environment. Going to rehab often involves being exposed to similar routines such as waking up at the same time each day and having somewhere to be according to a fairly set schedule. The difference between military life and rehab is that things tend to be more relaxed. You’ll be able to enjoy more recreational time, and most people agree that the food is better.

You also get the benefit of focusing on yourself for a change rather than being responsible for duties that impact so many other people. Whether you’ve been out of the military for years or are still fairly new to civilian life, one of the biggest questions you may have is how long is drug rehab for veterans. After all, you might not want to be away from home for too long, or you might be concerned about whether or not a shorter program is enough to help you get sober. Figuring out the best length for your stay depends upon several factors, and understanding how each one affects your treatment helps you start making your plans to attend rehab.

Every person who enters drug treatment comes with a unique set of circumstances that influences how long they’ll need to attend a rehab program. For instance, someone who has been using heavy drugs for many years may take longer to recover than someone who has recently developed an addiction. Your insurance coverage can also impact your stay. Some people choose to use a combination of inpatient and outpatient treatment to maximize their benefits.

Many veterans also enter drug rehab with underlying mental health conditions that take time to treat. While some people spend a week in rehab, others need a month or more. This is why your treatment will begin with a general assessment to determine the full extent of your needs. Choosing a drug rehab that offers a personalized plan helps you to understand how long you can expect to attend the program along with what will happen once you enroll.

Benefit From Addiction Treatment That Focuses On Veterans’ Needs

Many veterans struggle with addiction, and you are not alone when it comes to realizing that you need help. Drug treatment programs are designed to help people from all kinds of different backgrounds, and certain ones focus on providing intensive care that is specifically developed for veterans. During your time in the military, you might have been exposed to intensely stressful conditions.

This is why you’ll find that your treatment will offer these benefits that help you to begin recovering not just from your addiction but also from other areas that have suffered in your life. These are just a few benefits that you’ll enjoy as a veteran who seeks professional support for getting sober.

  • get help with PTSD
  • improve damaged relationships
  • adjust to civilian life
  • learn how to cope with depression and anxiety
  • rediscover your former passions and hobbies
  • make new friends who understand the importance of sobriety

You might have heard a lot about PTSD and its affects on members of the military. While this mental health issue is common among veterans who experience combat, you might also develop it from other traumatic events in your life. Veterans who have experienced auto collisions, assault or other forms of trauma may need to address their symptoms of PTSD. You may also struggle with depression or anxiety, and attending rehab gives you the opportunity to treat all of your underlying mental health symptoms. Doing so helps you to learn new strategies for feeling better so that you can stop relying on drugs to mask your symptoms.

Military life also takes a toll on your relationships. Between being in the military and dealing with an addiction, you might have lost touch with some of your closest friends. Or, your marriage or romantic relationship may be suffering. Family and relationship counseling helps you to learn positive communication strategies that help you to begin connecting with people on a better level. Being able to mend broken relationships gives you a solid foundation on which you can begin to build your sobriety. Keep in mind that all of these things take time. Choosing a rehab program that gives you the time to work through your issues gives you a better chance of making sobriety stick.

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