How Do I Find a Sponsor When I Leave Treatment?

If you’re leaving from drug addiction recovery, leaving treatment is going to be one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. You’ll have a lot of feelings and emotions running through your head, and it can be difficult to focus on anything else. It’s important that you get yourself back into a routine to start living a normal life again. But one thing many people don’t realize is they need to find a sponsor when they leave treatment!

Why Do You Need A Sponsor?

After treatment, you may be tempted to fall back into old habits because it’s easier than staying sober. Having someone to support you while you learn new coping skills can make all the difference in staying sober long-term. The most important thing is that they understand addiction, know what it feels like when someone relapses, and have been through the process. This means they’ll have empathy for what you’re going through and won’t judge if you slip up along the way.

How Can You Find a Sponsor?

Take Part In a 12-Step Rehabilitation Program

12-step programs encourage participants to find a sponsor within their meetings. These meetings are accessible to anybody who wants to quit drinking or using drugs; you are not required to be an addict to attend. You can also attend meetings online or on the phone if you can’t make it out of the house, which makes them even more accessible for those who live far away from their nearest chapter meeting location.

Ask Your Treatment Center

Contact your treatment center and see if they have any suggestions or resources available. If they have a list of alumni who have been through their program and are now sober, this is an excellent resource for finding someone who understands what it’s like to be new at recovery.

Your Social Network

Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be great places to connect with others who have gone through recovery or are currently in recovery. You can ask them how they found their sponsors, what kind of experiences they had with them, and any other questions as you navigate this new phase of your life.

Factors To Keep in Mind While Searching for a Sponsor

Choosing a sponsor is not an easy task. Before you begin, take some time to think about what you want in a sponsor and what qualities you possess that would make you a good candidate for sponsorship. When choosing a personal reference, consider the following:

Positive Attitude Toward Recovery

The person should have a positive attitude toward recovery and believe that everyone has the potential to become free of addiction. This will give them more motivation to help you fight cravings and urges.

Willingness to Listen When Needed

You need a sponsor who is willing to listen when needed and give advice when asked for it by their sponsee – the person being sponsored. They should also be able to give constructive criticism without being mean or rude because this is important in any relationship.


If possible, choose someone close by so you can regularly attend meetings and keep each other accountable during tough times when temptation is high or when life gets stressful at home or work. It’s also easier for them to advise you on handling certain situations if they’re nearby instead of having to do everything over the phone or via email all the time!

Find Someone with Similar Values, Interests, and Goals

It’s important that your sponsor understands where you are coming from and what motivates you. If they don’t understand where you are coming from or do not share similar interests or goals, it can create conflict between you, which could negatively affect your recovery progress.

Bottom Line

As you can see, finding a sponsor when you leave treatment is a long process. It won’t happen overnight, but the effort will be worthwhile. If anything, this article should help you get started on the right path towards recovery and sobriety. There are so many steps to take before a sponsor can be found for you, but your life will change for the better once it does happen. Ready to get started? Call us today at 833-680-0165.