HMOs And Alcoholism Rehab

It is important to be careful when choosing health insurance coverage. For most individuals, HMO insurance plans provide the coverage necessary for treating their alcohol rehabilitation. When someone is looking for an alcohol rehabilitation treatment center, they need to contact their insurance provider to get all the necessary information. To learn about what a plan covers, it is common for a policyholder to call the number on the back of their insurance card.


It has been estimated that over 30 percent of individuals in the United States are enrolled in some form of HMO for their healthcare coverage. All HMO coverage utilizes a managed care system. This means the company has developed a network of contracted health care providers. These are hospitals, doctors, and more. They have all contracted with the company to provide a wide range of services. These are services that can be used by members of an HMO for their medical needs.

HMO Coverage

It is important to know what an HMO plan covers. This can provide peace of mind for a person or their loved one who is involved in alcohol rehabilitation. It is an excellent way to focus on getting and staying sober and not needing to be concerned about unanticipated costs or financial challenges.


There are certain restrictions when using an HMO for alcoholism rehabilitation.

  • Significant limitations when it comes to using any type of health care that is out of network.
  • It is not possible to go to just any rehabilitation facility. People are required to go to a rehabilitation facility in their network.
  • To receive alcohol rehabilitation services, a person has to be referred by a network primary care physician. They will contact the HMO and let them know a person requires treatment for alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Rehabilitation and HMO

When an addict uses their HMO insurance for the treatment of their alcoholism, the insurance company will want them to have several days of detoxification. It is common for people to fear detox. This is when they need to remember there are various types of medications available that make the experience of detoxification as comfortable as possible. People should inform their treatment team if they feel uncomfortable. The team will then make certain changes to the treatment to make things comfortable for them. The goal of the detox experience is to make it not at all scary. It can also be considered something exciting. This is the first step toward full recovery.

HMO Alcoholism Treatment Options

One of the first steps in utilizing the alcohol treatment coverage with HMO insurance is to identify how much treatment is necessary. Then the level of treatment provided by the plan must be determined. Knowing the different levels of care is important for an alcoholic to realize the options available to them.

Outpatient Treatment

This type of treatment will involve meeting with a mental health care professional a few times each week. Psychiatrists and therapists are usually the ones providing this important treatment. There is also intensive outpatient treatment. This involves a person going to a treatment facility for several hours each day for several days every week. It will involve individual counseling as well as group therapy sessions. This is considered an essential part of care at this level.

Treatment Team

With HMO insurance for alcohol rehabilitation, the insurance company will work closely with a person’s treatment team. This will be done to determine the amount of care required for successful detoxification. It can be a challenge to determine the right amount of care required. When it comes to alcohol treatment, the insurance company could limit the number of days treatment will be provided.

Not Alone

It’s important for anyone involved in the alcohol recovery process to realize they are not facing this situation alone. They may begin to feel that everything involved in dealing with their insurance company is overwhelming. This can happen at any time during the recovery process. When it does happen, they may need to ask a family member, member of their treatment team, or family member to take over speaking with the insurance company. The most important thing someone can do during their rehabilitation from alcoholism is remain completely focused on their recovery.

When people make the bold step of confronting their alcoholism, it is important they are not embarrassed or ashamed. This is something that happens to people of every socioeconomic class, religion, race, nationality, and age. It is a time to feel proud for taking such an important step. Are you or a loved one ready to make that first move? Call us today at 123-456-7890. Our counselors are available to help you 24 hours a day at 833-680-0165.