Does a Detox Center Often Have Beds Available the Same Day?

Does a detox center often have beds available the same day? Yes, absolutely, they do. They have to! If a detox center isn’t available when you need them, what good are they? Withdrawal from certain substances is dangerous without medical supervision. This includes alcohol, benzodiazepines, hypnotics and barbiturates. All can cause life-threatening complications and should never be suddenly stopped. A medical detox center would never do that. They’ll substitute certain medications for alcohol, but these medications work in the brain in much the same way, preventing the brain from going into total disarray and reducing the risk of serious grand mal seizures. Withdrawal from sedative-hypnotics and tranquilizers in the Valium family can easily result in a true medical emergency. That’s only one reason why detox centers must be available every day and the same day.

Another reason is because many drug abusers must be convinced, coaxed or wheedled to accept drug treatment. If this treatment isn’t immediate, the person may change their mind in the interim waiting time. Another problem is that withdrawal symptoms will begin to appear, increasing the chances of the person seeking their drug of choice just to get relief. If this happens, who knows when they may agree to treatment again? If someone you love is addicted and you want to help, this is very frustrating. You want to get them into detox right away. If you cannot, don’t give up. It’s your job to keep at them, reasoning with them, presenting the facts, letting them know they’re often literally risking their lives every day they continue with their habit. Especially in the case of heroin and fentanyl, their next dose could easily be their last. Street heroin today is very often cut with fentanyl, and it’s so much stronger than heroin that lethal overdose could and does regularly occur.

People buying prescription pills on the black market are also at high risk for fentanyl overdose because these pills are often counterfeit. They are pressed and colored to look like the real thing, and some are very good visual imitations indeed. However, they often contain varying amounts of fentanyl. How much? Who knows? That’s the problem. It’s impossible to protect yourself against overdose when you don’t know what you’re ingesting.

Inpatient and Outpatient Detox

Not all detox needs to be done in a medical facility. In fact, especially in the case of opioid detox, this can usually be done in the comfort of your own home. Opioid withdrawal isn’t typically physically dangerous anyway, except for some rare cases where other medical conditions are present. This makes it ideal to do this kind of detox at home. It’s much less expensive than inpatient detox. However, not everyone will be able to follow the home program. They may return to drug use even during the detox because they’re not confined and because they can. They may have poor impulse control or are just too addicted to stop without actual medical supervision. This can happen. Another reason home detox may fail is because the person’s opioid intake is just too high. This is especially true when high doses of fentanyl are involved. This kind of person may require at least initial inpatient treatment while the dose of replacement opioid medications are adjusted.

Detox from opioids, whether in a facility or at home, should never be excessively painful. If you’re in significant pain, cannot eat, sleep or rest comfortably and cannot concentrate on anything or interact with others at home, then your dose of detox medications isn’t right for you. This can be adjusted. Detox centers would prefer to detox you with buprenorphine, also known as Suboxone, but if this fails, there is always methadone. Other medications are also available to help you sleep and to reduce anxiety or deal with other symptoms.

Don’t let the fear of withdrawal from opioids, alcohol or stimulants stop you from getting the detox treatment you need. Centers are available every day, some of them 24 hours a day, and it’s their job to detox you safely and comfortably from any substance or substances.

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