What is AcuDetox?

Acupuncture detox has been used for years by East Asian physicians to detoxify the body and remove detrimental substances that have accumulated in the body. AcuDetox is an acronym for acupuncture detoxification therapy. This therapy utilizes needles to stimulate specific points within the body to induce toxins out of where they have accumulated and into other areas where they can be eliminated from the system naturally through sweat, urine, or bowel movements.

For example, liver failure is one of the most common causes of death. If acupuncture detox is done at the proper times and with specific points, a person’s liver can be “jump-started” into working again. This rejuvenation process has been proven to extend lifespans in patients that experience it.

Furthermore, acupuncture detox also supports and improves immune system function while weeding out harmful chemicals. It can also treat chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and depression by regulating blood flow throughout the body.

It can also improve the treatment outcome of the following:

• Ensure withdrawal symptoms are minimized
• Increase concentration and calmness
• Improve the quality of life

About Acute Detox

Acute Detox – AcuDetox has been part of the treatment plans of many different health care fields, including:

• Lifestyle medicine
• Natural medicine
• Holistic medicine
• Medicine (ex: naturopathy)
• Myurvedic medicine
• Naturopathy

Acupuncture Detox: The procedure for detoxification is based on traditional acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. It uses the vein cleansing, detoxification technique widely practiced across different cultures to induce the elimination of toxins from the cells, tissues, and body; this is a very well-known practice in China and Japan. The focus of this procedure is to stimulate the liver’s detoxification process, release stagnation in the channel systems and remove latent heat that has accumulated throughout the channels.

In addition to inducing toxins from where they have settled within the structures, AcuDetox also draws blood and vital energy from areas that are toxic or stagnant to deficient areas.

The person may feel hot, nauseous or cranky during this therapy; this is a sign that the process is working, and these symptoms will no longer be present after the therapy.

Many people recognize and believe in the detoxification process that has been proven to work through many cultures for thousands of years. The body is working on cleansing itself when toxins do not produce symptoms; this is evidence that the person is healthy and does not need to be detoxified.

The point where the needle was inserted may become hot after 5-30 minutes. No pain will be felt if needles aren’t used; however, it is recommended that people be as relaxed as possible while doing this therapy.

Another method is to induce the body to release toxins from stagnant areas by applying counter-pressure.

Counter-Pressure: AcuDetox may be done by applying electrical stimulation to points, or mechanical stimulation to bones, using various combinations of manual and/or electrical pressure. It can also be accomplished by inserting needles into specific acupuncture points at various frequencies, depending on what the practitioner feels they need to do that day.

People with a limited capacity can apply counter-pressure to release a large number of toxins from inside the body.

About Acute Detox Cleanse Program

Aside from the acupuncture detoxification and elimination process, many different herbal teas are used throughout treatment to purify the system. In addition, there is also a 3-day “cleanse” that has been designed to help remove toxins and excess waste that may have been accumulated in the body over time.

The objective of the cleanse program is to achieve better health by eliminating harmful substances from the body. Toxins are released through the combined forces of acupuncture and special-herbal teas. It also promotes better overall health by cleansing the body, improving metabolism, decreasing bad cholesterol levels, and improving quality of life.

The program may include certain herbal products to purge toxins from deep inside the system. It can be used as a monthly maintenance program as well.

The cleanse is designed to help re-balance the body, give it the nutrients it may have been lacking and bring it back to a place where the person is healthy and has no symptoms.

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