What Can I Do To Strengthen My Recovery Today?

You may have a solid recovery plan, but all it takes is one moment of weakness to derail your hard work. That’s why you need to be ready with a list of coping strategies and supportive people as soon as you feel that urge to use drugs again. Whether you’re recovering from a drug or alcohol use disorder, this list can help you strengthen your recovery today.

Get Your Urges Under Control

If you want to avoid a relapse or a slip, you must stop yourself from reaching for drugs or alcohol before these impulses even start. Practice the steps of self-control, which may include distracting yourself from the impulse and waiting for it to pass. One of the most effective strategies for responding to urges is avoiding the things and places associated with your drug use. So, if you use drugs at home, don’t go there when you’re worried or anxious. And if you tend to drink a lot when you go out with friends, try having a drink of water instead and spend some time alone.

Get Involved in a Support Group

Another way to prevent a relapse is to join a support group that encourages you to discuss your recovery. You must belong only to one of these groups because the members of each group can serve as role models. This helps you avoid negative behaviors and allows you to get the help you need. Support groups also allow you to test your new skills, such as staying away from drugs, resisting cravings, and admitting that you need help.

Engage in Meaningful Activities

Engaging in meaningful activities helps you avoid drug cravings and keeps you from participating in negative behaviors. Hobbies like gym or music lessons are good ways to invest some of your time and energy while feeling productive. These activities can also help boost your self-esteem, which will, in turn, prevent a relapse. Be sure to focus on a hobby you enjoy and can do regularly.

Make Time for Your Relationships

Another strategy to prevent relapse is to spend time with friends who are positive influences. This allows you to keep the focus off of yourself and your past behaviors, which may tempt you to use drugs again. Ask your friends about their goals and achievements so that you have more in common than your drug use. When you’re getting along with others, it’s much harder for that old urge to use drugs again to resurface. This will also allow you to practice these new connections safely.

Set Goals

Setting goals are an effective way to keep your body, mind, and spirit in check. Having a goal also helps you become stressed-free and ready for recovery. One of the biggest challenges of recovering from drug or alcohol use disorders is figuring out what you want to achieve. You can do this by setting short-term and long-term goals that are manageable but challenging enough to keep you on track. If you fall off the wagon, you can quickly get back on. Once you’ve chosen a goal, break it into smaller steps. As you accomplish each step, reward yourself for keeping your motivation high. Make the goal public and discuss it with your family and friends so that they can support your efforts.

Find Stable Employment

Working toward a stable source of income is one of the best ways to avoid a relapse. Having some savings gives you a financial buffer if you encounter problems, and it also helps you meet your basic needs. Typically, one of the best things about work is staying busy and contributing to others. You’ll also be able to spend your day with people with similar goals, which will help improve your self-esteem and reduce your chances of using drugs or alcohol again.


If you’re going to recover from drug or alcohol use disorders, you must have the willingness and determination to succeed. Contact us today at 833-680-0165 for more information.