How Can You Keep Yourself Occupied During the Most Uncomfortable Parts of a Drug Detox Program?

Are you tired of struggling with your addiction? Are you ready to commit to a rehab program? If you answered yes, it’s time to start looking for the best rehab for your situation. You’ll have the opportunity to get your life back on track when you choose a reputable rehab in your area.

Of course, you may be worried about one problem. If you are still actively using drugs or alcohol, you’re likely worried about the detox process of the program. You already know how hard it can be to go through detox, so how can you keep yourself occupied during the most uncomfortable parts of a drug detox program? For eight helpful ideas, keep reading.

1. Pick up a book

If you’re a book lover, make sure you have a few great books to read while you are going through detox. Any avid reader knows how easy it is to get lost in a good book, so bring in a few new authors before you get started on your detox. You’ll have someone else’s story to occupy your mind with!

2. Write to family and friends

While you are in detox you likely won’t be permitted to talk to family and friends, as this can be a major distraction to your sobriety. Instead, come prepared with pen and paper to pour your heart and soul out to your loved ones. It’s also a great way to get your feelings out on paper. Just remember to bring in some stamps to get them mailed out when you’re done!

3. Start a journal

Most therapists agree that journaling is an excellent way to stay on the road to recovery. Start your journal while you are in detox. You’ll be having some strong feelings while you’re struggling with the uncomfortable aspects of detox, so give your thoughts an outlet with a private journal. A day-to-day recount of how you are feeling will make your time go faster; plus, you can go back and see your progress step-by-step.

4. Exercise

While you may not feel like moving some days during withdrawal, exercising will take your mind off of how you are physically feeling. If you can go outside, walk around the property to get some much-needed fresh air. If you can’t, exercise in your room or in a common area. Exercise will also help you clear your mind and can make you fall asleep faster at night.

5. Try out yoga

Some rehab facilities offer yoga as one of their alternative therapies. If they do, make sure to take part in a class while you are going through detox. If you already know some moves, don’t hesitate to bust them out when you are in your room alone. You’ll feel better; plus, you’ll stretch out those sore muscles.

6. Volunteer

The rehab facility you choose may offer opportunities for volunteer work. If so, make sure you sign up right away. While your body is detoxing from drugs or alcohol, you’re going to want to have something to do to get your mind off of the discomfort. Volunteering will give you a purpose while allowing you something else to think about other than your feelings.

7. Meditate

Another holistic approach many rehab facilities offer is meditation classes. Meditation is a great way to forget the pain of detox while focusing on your mind and body. Learn how to breathe deeply and clear your mind while you get through the worst of the withdrawals. Meditation is a practice you can use for the rest of your life, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of a class while you’re in rehab.

8. Learn something new

If you are allowed to have your smartphone during rehab or are given computer privileges, use this privilege to learn something new. There is always something new and exciting to learn online, so why not use this time to read up on something you have always wanted to know about? Learn how to make fresh sushi, how to grow a vegetable garden, or how to put together a koi pond for your yard. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll walk out of rehab knowing something brand new.

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