How Can I Help My Daughter Through Drug Detox Near Me Before She Changes Her Mind?

One of the hardest parts of being a parent is watching your child go through something you can’t fix. When your daughter has become addicted to drugs, no matter what age, you’re likely trying to do everything you can to get her the help that she needs. This will include finding the best drug detox for her, even if it is in another state. As a parent, your main focus will be on getting her help for her drug problem no matter what you need to do.

The one problem you may be having is the worry that she will change her mind and not go through with the detox. Unfortunately, addicts do tend to change their minds quickly when it comes to their drug use, so you will have to work quickly to get her into a detox program before she changes hers. So how can you help her? Keep reading to learn some valuable information.

Is My Daughter an Addict?

Your first step should be to make sure that your daughter is indeed addicted to drugs or alcohol. The symptoms of mental illness and drug abuse can often overlap, meaning you could be pushing a child who isn’t even an addict into a completely unnecessary treatment program. This issue is complicated by the fact that teenagers and even younger adults will often hide their addiction from their parents.

If you suspect that your daughter is using drugs or alcohol, look for the following signs:

• Unusually small or large pupils
• Changes in their sleep schedule
• Missing money or other valuables
• Staying out later than normal
• Changes in friends
• Withdrawn behavior or secretive behavior
• Unexplained weight changes
• Bloodshot eyes
• Paranoia or anxiety
• Finding drug paraphernalia
• Unexplained lethargy
• Bad mood swings
• Changes in grades
• Loss of interest in previous hobbies or activities

Again, many of these symptoms overlap with the symptoms of mental illness, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, or PTSD. Some are even just typical signs of a hormonal teenager. One way to find out whether or not your daughter is addicted to drugs is to study the specific abuse symptoms of different types of drugs; for example, depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens.

How to Help

The first step when you want to help your daughter get into a drug rehab is to make sure she knows you support her 100%. Addicts who feel shamed and unloved by their parents often use this as an excuse to continue to use drugs and alcohol. Talk to your daughter candidly about her drug use. Assure her that you still love her and care for her and that you only want what is best. Never belittle or shame her for her actions.

While you can’t force an adult into rehab you may be able to place your teenager into drug detox against their will. However, forcing anyone into a detox program is never the best idea. They may go through the motions of the program until they can get out and use again. Instead, try your hardest to let your daughter make the decision for herself.

One thing you can do is help her research various drug detox centers that can take her in when she is ready to go to rehab. You can do this separately or together if she is receptive to it. Talk to her about her specific needs and what she would like in a rehab. If possible, schedule a tour of the facility before making the final choice. She may be more willing to go to a drug detox and rehab center if she can check out the facility beforehand.

Once she decides to go to drug rehab on her own it is important to take action right away. Don’t hesitate too long to get her into a center. This is why it is so important to have a couple of places on stand-by. When she agrees to go into a drug detox program, you’ll both be ready to go.

Ready for Drug Detox? Let Our Center Help!

If your daughter is willing to get clean, our drug detox is ready to take her in. We provide medically-monitored detox services for all of our residents, with medical staff on hand at all times. We’ll make sure your daughter is comfortable throughout her stay with us. When it’s time for her to make that all-important change, give us a call. We can always be reached at 833-680-0165. We look forward to taking care of your precious offspring today!