Are Christian Treatment Centers the Right Choice to Reconnect You with Your Community?

Millions suffer from substance abuse disorders. It can be an agonizing way to live. You may feel as if there is no hope. However, there is hope, and hope starts by taking the first steps toward recovery. Many begin their journey into a new way of living through treatment.

There are various types of treatment programs, which apply different methods towards helping you live clean and sober. Christian treatment centers are a popular choice. Treatment programs are a way to rebuild connections with friends, family, and your community.

So, are Christian treatment centers the right choice to reconnect with your community? Here are some benefits of treatment in general, plus a few important characteristics of Christian-based treatment facilities.

Benefits of Treatment

Addiction treatment programs are designed to provide you with a foundation for living clean and sober. They are not a cure-all. Treatment is the initial step in a lifelong commitment to recovery. You will learn about yourself and your disease.

You will be exposed to various tools and techniques for addressing the underlying symptoms that cause your addiction. Treatment offers you ways to deal with life and avoid a dangerous relapse. These are some common benefits of treatment. Let’s explore some specific characteristics of Christian treatment centers.

Beneficial Aspects of a Christian Treatment Facility

One key principle in Christian treatment centers is the focus on faith-based recovery. This can be an excellent way to learn how to become a loving and helpful asset to both your family and your community.

Substance abuse is inherently but a symptom of other issues. A faith-based recovery theory often helps to provide you with a pathway of change. Christian treatment facilities are not the only way to help addicts and alcoholics change their life’s direction.

However, since most treatment programs allude to some form of faith in a higher power, Christian treatment programs naturally have this as an asset. Helpfulness is also a core belief in the Christian lifestyle.

This also does not mean that non-denominational or state-funded rehab facilities do not have caring and helpful staff. Nevertheless, it is the Christian model to help other humans. Christian treatment facilities are invariably staffed by people practicing Christian principles.

Outside of state-funded rehab centers, Christian treatment facilities can often cost less. The services and client-to-staff ratios are usually equal to private treatment centers. Donations and private funding through Christian recovery programs allow these treatment facilities to offer lower cost services.

Christian believers have also been involved in helping treat substance abuse disorders for hundreds of years. Dr. Benjamin Rush was one of the earliest in the medical profession to advocate a strategy for the recovery process to address different types of addictive behavior.

Rush discovered that the rate of successful recovery was greater for those who applied the Christian belief as a model for change. Alcoholics found new hope in the mid-1930s. Alcoholics Anonymous is a 12-step recovery program with its roots in Christianity.

This is the most widely used 12-step program in the world. While AA does not insist that anyone believe any particular, the fundamentals of the 12-steps are based on many teachings in the bible. Clergy are a frequent choice for two of the important steps in the AA 12-step program.

Many addiction programs, including most Christian treatment facilities, rely heavily on the 12-step recovery model. Another recovery staple in many communities is the Salvation Army. The principles of the Salvation Army as an organization are heavily rooted in Christianity.

There are successful Salvation Army treatment facilities in many cities. The Salvation Army recovery program is based on AA’s 12-steps. Treatment at the Salvation Army facilities also relies on biblical teachings that help the addict and alcoholic reconnect with the community.

Christian treatment facilities focus on helping you make a transition to living a life free of drugs and alcohol. They place a great deal of value on rebuilding family relationships and reestablishing healthy connections with your community.

Treatment is a fundamental place to begin a wonderful journey in recovery. Virtually any treatment program will provide you with a solid foundation for recovery. Christian treatment facilities offer this same solid foundation, plus they have additional benefits.

The basic philosophy of the Christian religion helps to teach you how to reestablish broken relationships. For this reason, Christian treatment centers can be an excellent place to help you reconnect with your community.

If you feel you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, all you have to do is reach out for help. Reach out to someone today. There is help available, but it has to begin with you. Make that call for help today, because there is a new and exciting life waiting for you in recovery. Call us at 833-680-0165.